The Band Name Is The Concert

by Peter Erich

We now bring to the stage .... The Reeds and Percussion Chamber Music featuring The Amazon.com Jungle Choir of Crickets and Car Horns Conducted by Twiggy Hornby's Loose Elbows and Slimmed-Out Eyebrows .... also known as The Eastern Indies Ensemble and Bongo Brigade's presentation of Mums-The-Word, The Collected Hummings of Old TVs That Were Just Turned Off .... locally known as The Static Three Piece Jazz-core Drum Circle, With Stan "Citrus-In-One-Eye" Squinter who is eternally winking at The Quintet of Foxy Ladies In The Front Row the beloved composers of the classic album, The Sarcastic Woodwind Satire of Bird Sounds As Whistled through Frank Sinatra's Pipe Collection played by the Merry Maids Mariachi Band featuring Two Chainz ... Presented by Subway, Eat Fresh.