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Damn Sure Right

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When asked, I spit and slobbered my formal name, blood came out of my mouth but I was not hurt and didn’t know whose blood it was. They asked me if I had family nearby.

Dumb-dumb Bird

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Dumb-dumb bird sat down disrupt and abrupt. Dumb-dumb bird didn't understand I need space and there wasn't any space here for her squawking and turquoise bubble coat. Dumb-dumb bird got mad when I had to school her with several elbow jabs. She should know but soon found out…

The Book

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The woman returns from the store with an armload of books. She reads them quickly, one by one, over the course of the next few weeks. But when she opens the last one, the woman frowns in surprise. All the pages in the book are blank. Every single one.

If You See Something, Say Something

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You’re on the subway with your mama, and she’s ignoring you and feeding the baby sister a banana. The baby keeps getting the peel in her mouth. Stupid, even for a baby. There’s a couple giggling and wishing they had one, thinking she’s so cute.


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She was the fifth jumper in as many years, anonymous, shabbily dressed, shredded by the oncoming subway train. She had waited for the 9:23 express, the train that blasts through without slowing.

If You See Something, Say Something

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You think there’s a chance the bag could be holding a severed head, or live or dead kittens.


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Vito stood before the mirror combing his dark, freshly-cut hair. He trimmed his thick mustache, then buttoned his black vest. He liked its tight fit against his muscular torso. He had difficulty fastening the top button of his white shirt, the collar tigh

Until Again

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Methuselah. That’s what they call him, the regulars that ride my train. Other things too, but Methuselah is the one that sticks in my mind. It seems to fit. It’s not as cruel.


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Tokyo is the dream we never had.

A Manhattan Sartorial

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..."an obvious prince of the haberdashers."

Mother's Day

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Tell me why your daughter looks more like a person than you, even though she is dressed like the Statue of Liberty and clutching a pink stroller with a rainbow teddy bear riding inside. Why the blonde curly wig, mother? With the obviously fake part to the left. Did…


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I told you that your pants were too long. You said the way they dragged on the ground, collecting subway grime, reminded you of a baby dressed in purple with a tattoo of flames on her wrist. That baby, I said, has come to end the cycle of oppression. Why else do you…

Stairway to Heaven

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Man, technology fuckin’ sucks! I been ridin’ dis train for almost fif’een years now.

Sketch of a subway scene

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A couple argues on the subway, her back is to me

The Band Name Is The Concert

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We now bring to the stage ....