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Any favorite authors? Books?

Jean-Phillipe Toussaint

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Eric Lloyd Blix – May 11, 2013

Hi Brian. Yes, the DFW love comes through kind of strongly on that piece. Glad you liked it, though.

Linda Simoni-Wastila – May 29, 2012

Brian, thanks for reading "Outside Starbucks..." Um, yeah, that donut... I wrote a poem about a guy who was sucking down catsup packets he lifted from McD's. When you're hungry...

Meg Pokrass – May 22, 2012

you did it again... yes!

Gita M. Smith – Apr 08, 2012

I am glad my little piece brought back memories. Several men have messaged me to say that phrase harkened back to early wood.

Meg Pokrass – Feb 15, 2012

congratulations again on your "Editor's Eye" selection today...

Marcus Speh – Feb 03, 2012

I do not agree on Jonathan Safran Foer but everyone else on your list: yes.

Mel Bosworth – Nov 17, 2011

i wish i had the answer to that, brian. i also wish the answer was 'time magazine.'

Chris Okum – Oct 09, 2011

Brian: Thank you for reading my story and thank you for liking it. I am now going to read your stories and like them, too. Anyone who likes Chris Ware and PKD and Vonnegut is someone that I like. Have a cool Sunday. Cheerio, Chris.

Meghan Larmore – Oct 05, 2011

You're welcome. And congratulations on the publication!

Robert Vaughan – Sep 27, 2011

Welcome to the party, Brian! Way to jump right in!

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