Long Division

by Peter Erich

All of everything was one energy. That is all there was. Energy was a quilt of non-space. It had no geography, kept no time, and had no unique characteristics. It was an invisible ocean swimming in itself. Negative charges in rows. Bazzingas resting next to Fritzies. Slyfs next to Axites. Gempings running pop-a-dot thru a field like mice through turnips.

Some energy had a pattern, some had a formula, but one bit of energy had neither. This other energy had desire and broke off from the rest.

It was the first anything to evolve into something different. As the first anything limits did not exist. This energy said, "Fuck it, I am going to be the fucking sun."

In it's language it sounded more like "Khershhhhhhh Hhhhhhhhhhh Zirshhhhhhh."

The quilt of energy that remained felt the warmth of the sun and saw what could be. Desire was contagious. Some energy evolved into the earth. Some became stars. Some where scared to be anything and took whatever was left. they became emptiness and emptiness is very important.

Some Bazzingas, Fritzies, and Gempings bounced off each other. Some stuck together and made new things. And the pattern evolved until we happened. When we evolved, we renamed everything. We said, "You are a hydrogen."  "You are a quark." "You are borate." We put them into rooms with labels, laid them out on tables, and divided them into stable and unstable.

We became dividing machines. Page 1 is not page 2 and is definitely not page 113. Today is not tomorrow and is not yesterday. White is not black. A kiss is not a french kiss and so on.

We fight togetherness until we are exhausted. But at the end of the day, all we secretly desire is to have a relationship with something. We desire to be in love with someone, or with a god, or with family.

I desire to evolve into an understanding that everything is the same even when its different. To think that division will somehow bring us together is just bad math. If you are reading this or if you never will, you should know we are the same.