I'm Going Either Way

by Peter Erich

Will you join me in the romance 

of heat lightning, boiling the 

reservoir with its strobe lights, 

Will you join me on a lavender 

farm that is folding over its 

scent and creating a bowl of 

casual sitting, Will you join me 

kneeling in a Homegoods parking 

lot, Will you join me when I am 

alone where the people were 

supposed to gather.

Come with me on an adventure and 

trust me to point out the parallel

beauty of two fighters orbiting each 

other like hummingbird courting with 

flitters, because I am fucking waiting 

and waiting and waiting for you to 

join me and enjoy me but most of all 

I am wanting for you to walk willingly and 

enthusiastically into our future because 

still-waters rot. 

The big fat Buddha is invisible and 

preserved in the crease of my hand, 

in a grip, in a damage, in a wildfire, 

in an oath, and we ignore it 

in a way in-which we kick the rock 

down the road until we become the rock, 

and we orbit our own lack of 

presence to each other, sitting in the 

blue light of our iPhones, in a state of 

meditative distain but sticking it out 

‘cause we said I do on one hot day in June.