Points of Light on A Pearl Line 1

by Peter Erich

1.___ He proves himself 

a deity from the flatteries 

that had you sprawled out 

like a panda on the deep 

seams of his comforter. 

2.___ The air was willing 

until it heard him sing; a bouquet of 

prickly coral sitting 

in a deep frier. The war of romance

in his tongue.

3.___ He nests his legs 

and sits in the center of your dream. 

He spins a disco ball on his finger, 

it glisters across your face 

like white champagne.

4.___ Jarred piano carbon and 

tucked it in a scroll. He wrote lifted 

verses until he sank in liquor 

and tied himself 

to the terra firma sofa. 

5.___ Chief Serious, a combination 

of everything, he understood 

the New Orleans harbors yawning 

over itself. Oh how the explanation 

never added up to the newspaper headlines, 

just ink on a tire.  

6.___ He approaches the bed with 

nerves clutched into a bouquet.

The conclusion of war,  

breathing laughter,

ear at his lover's breast, listening 

to his lips through the chest, 

two petals rattling in a bush.