It is Easier Than You Think To Ride A Train: The Q & A

by Peter Erich

Q:What made you want to be a person who rides a train?
A:As soon as I learned there was such a thing, I wanted to be one.

Q:Which stations are closest to your origin and destination?
A:I never thought much about that. You may determine your train track by checking the departure board or TV monitors.

Q:For a long time, you've been a kind of rebel in the world of train-riding — what do these huge mainstream honors mean for you?
A:It seemed like such a long shot, and people tried to steer me toward something more realistic, like book design. But then I just started to select rail lines. People responded really well to it.

Q:Did you have a goal for your work?
A:Always watch my step when boarding or detraining.

Q:Do you miss it?
A:I miss all the characters and their conversations about politics, underfloor storage, itineraries, fare increases, and just how they asked for help from a train crewmember.

Q:Is there something in particular you want to tell people?
A:I guess I'm proudest of just really sticking with this odd thing I loved and all that's left for me to is to buy a one way ticket to America's real prosperity.