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And so it begins, like this, waiting to long for a lazy train out of West Toledo...


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Scales were installed on station platforms. Those who were overweight were turned away

white church

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Politically, legally, physically, we're all shit out of luck.

Sunrises and Borrowed Pages

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I'm sitting on the B-line toward Park, and there is a woman with the same black bob as Mad TV's Miss Swan, and she is leaning the whole front of her body against the whole pole in front of me, and even though there is plenty of space around her, she is pressed up…

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

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Is he heterosexual? Who cares?

Brot und Käse

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I hoped I did not look as panicked as I tried not to feel.


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My back's against the wall as I watch other travelers scattered throughout the terminal. Mercury vapor lamps bathe everything in a pale yellow pallor like an Edward Hopper painting and sounds echo off stone and steel in this cavernous space. I'm on a platform between tracks…

On the Train

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Japanese college kid on a student visa walks up and down the aisle in the latest hipster uniform trying too hard to look cool & as American as possible. A living mannequin escaped from an Urban Outfitter store, pink and black tight knit hoodie New York Yankees baseball…

Only Dreams

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Her smile like fortune’s cannot be coerced but she opens her peignoir. He stares at the sullen bullethole between her breasts, dark blood welling slowly with each heartbeat. Does he bow slightly, turn away whole? You suppose not. She closes the door.

Long Gone & Never Coming Back

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twisting, winding, rumbling we roll on through steep wooded hillsides blanketed by two feet of freshly fallen snow glimpses of the countryside through rain spattered windows grainy images from a silent movie slender trees reflected off the…

It is Easier Than You Think To Ride A Train: The Q & A

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Q:What made you want to be a person who rides a train? A:As soon as I learned there was such a thing, I wanted to be one.