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The nurse left work at five o'clock

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The witch had begun her ritual thirty seconds earlier. They were destined to meet, but they never did. Destiny has a way of changing its mind on witches (nurses too, for that matter).

The Nurse

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The detective imagined the nurse shake the old man’s breath off his coat as he walked to the bus, shuttering the teak and dust world behind him. He pulled a fingertip along a blue hallway vase, brought it to his thumb, rubbed the grit.

Falling for Captain D.

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I had never known the peculiar phenomenon of cop-love until it was my job to hold the sign. In my life, I have had many opportunities to explore the condition--I used to work in a coffee-shop, fertile ground for police/barista liaison--but never succumbed


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When he utters the first words -- which rarely vary, the better to signal that the waiting is over and the main attraction has begun -- “It was a quiet week in our little town...” -- half the audience applauds for nothing.


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amusing, muse, music: lyriscissorcisms.

When the buck stops (3-Minute Fiction entry)

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This was looking down from what we know as The Grassy Knoll.

5th and Washington

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“This horrible street. I hate this neighborhood,” she cursed.


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I am calling to tell you what’s going to happen tomorrow.

It is Easier Than You Think To Ride A Train: The Q & A

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Q:What made you want to be a person who rides a train? A:As soon as I learned there was such a thing, I wanted to be one.


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I heard on WUSF,