Gifts for Bonnie & Charlie

by Steven J. Kolbe

Jojo dolls & basketballs

a mindflex & pick-up sticks

Parcheesi and—no, not Parcheesi

a supersoaker, a Care Bear

an outdoor smoker, some new hair

a cherry red sixties Corvette

a share of their own private jet

a mansion up in the mountains

with long-walled drives, hedges, fountains

plus throw in the mountain, the brook

the dedication of a book

stars, planets, a constellation

a European vacation

a candy factory, never used

that pardoned turkey from the news

beach balls, hula hoops, army men

a Red Ryder BB gun & then

all the land in Argentina

the wardrobe gate to Narnia

a real-life Bilbo Baggins ring.

Or better yet: a new sibling.