Augend Crusoe

Location Martigny, Switzerland
Occupation computer scientist

About Me

I'm fighting my two generations of actors genes by letting creativity leak through thin cracks in the armor protecting me from the corrupt world of people living from pretending.

Why do you write?

Ah, if I only knew what it was that was pushing me to write. Maybe confusion. Confused? I write so I can make sense of what I'm thinking.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Asimov and Clarke are two of my favorites.

Augend Crusoe's Wall

C. D. Peck – Sep 06, 2010

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on "Flush". I appreciate it!

David Borcherding – Sep 02, 2010

Re: Blink -- Thanks for the kind words and for an early morning chuckle, Augend!

Michael J. Solender – Sep 02, 2010

Thanks for reading and enjoying Two Things I Did Not Know.

Myra King – Sep 02, 2010

Re Purple Patch. Thanks Augend. Yes indeed you are right!
The 6th day? - must be a movie - I'll look it up.

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