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Hotel Chelsea - Intercut 6

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the passenger...who bears the coin that Charon holds legal tender

Wedding Bells & Space Junk [July challenge]

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Right away, like toadstools, there were crackpot theories. The first: that kids out on the lake dock, against fire department warnings...


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I made myself tiny as I could, imagining I was Houdini shackled underwater, holding my nose and practicing my escape...

Wolves at the Door

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“Little Pig, Little Pig, Let me in.” One of them yelled out from behind the door. The wolves always loved to taunt him, itched for any chance they could get to fight.

The small pup gnawed a hole in the sock

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It’s downsizing, not a reflection of his work, the boss had said before sending him to wipe clean his cube. Though someone had wiped clean his computer already, and he wondered what had happened to the picture of his kids that used to fill the screen.

Breath of Fresh Air

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He lost his patience and began ranting and raving, angry that he had to come home every night and feel like he was being smothered by a pillow. “I can’t make it stop,” she said. “I can’t make myself stop feeling this way.”

fire and ice

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“Who says?” she purred in reply “They all do” he countered smiling , chewing on an ice cube “All of them, huh?” She leaned forward, raising a wicked left eyebrow and whispered, “And just who are they, anyway?”

"If I die again, just let me go"

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Will wondered if Doobie was afraid that it might be nothing but the abyss waiting on the other side, but he promised Doobie he’d let him pass on if it was finally his time.

Prince Charming

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They could have heard a pin drop in the car for the rest of the ride to her house, where she looked at him one last time and found nothing admirable, nothing memorable about him.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

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“They’re Rocky Mountain Oysters,” the blond said. “Fresh. You’ll absolutely love them Jim.”

That Godot Guy Again - a True-Life Story

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This is what happened today.

God Particle

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Never could figure why it was necessary that scientists get those little two-inch golf pencils to write with.

When technology fails

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But Jeffrey was flabbergasted and couldn’t explain to the officer why he was speeding. All he could manage to get out as an attack of Tourette syndrome hit were nasty, flamboyant obscenities. The Alabama state trooper wasn’t amused.

The Devil's Inkwell

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The war ended. The roadhouse closed. In the headlines: Jonestown.

Full Stop! Punctuation Police!

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Picture a scene: Catholic School, circa 1987. In a well-ordered classroom full of future secretaries ...