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The Lost Dog

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The mutt came into their house from the deepest pit of hell. He ate Lucas' favorite pair of tennis shoes. He pulled the heads off of Barbie dolls and swallowed them whole. He even marked his territory on the couch.

You've Done Good

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For a fleeting moment, eyes seemed to clear and the man spoke as if he were coming out of the pea soup fog that formed over the lake on spring mornings.

Across the street.

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When the talking's done, they get in their cars to go wherever they go, and just as soon as that last car clears the path, the yellow-cabbed trucks are back and the men get out.

The cycle of being married to Somebody

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Here is confinement. Here ties his enthusiasm to his waist and chains his ankles to obscurity. He must be there, sharing his face, telling his news, receiving his praise.


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Six thousand dollars was a small price for a man's life. Mario was in the back seat of the Honda with Johnny next to him handcuffed, all tense. Francisco had it on a rap station, the sort of music that gave Mario a headache.

Birthday Boy

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The sound of it wasn't right in his head yet. When he said it aloud he didn't really believe it.

In a Pinch

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His worst nightmare had come true. He wasn't wearing green and all of the other kids were.


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Having sex with her there made me feel like a child molester, I said. She said it made her excited.

Unreasonable Women

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Rupert believes himself beset by unreasonable women.

Sad News

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They got out wearing their crisp brown Army jackets and khaki pants; she saw the cross on the lapel of the officer's shirt and just knew. These men brought sad news from faraway places.

Annals of the Naked Rowdies #78

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A true Rowdies fan begins every conversation about the band with a legend. She would be impressed if he knew the story.

Annals of the Naked Rowdies #22

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As they left, Roddy kicked over a statue of a blindfold and half-naked goddess of justice. "I piss on you Justice!" he yelled. The bailiff pushed him out the door as he continued his rant, inaudible.

The Bear (April Fool's Day Challenge)

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Poor Daniel gets the ultimate trick played on him by nature when he encounters a bear for this April Fool's Day Challenge story.

Island Music

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Of all the things Shelly hated about her job, the music was the worst.

Don't Touch

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Frank must have said "don't touch" about a million times over the course of the day