Jarred McGinnis

Location London
Website http://wickedtomocktheafflicted.com

About Me

Jarred McGinnis has lived in New Mexico, Florida, Texas, Scotland and now London. In 2009, he has won the "People's Choice" Award at the "Spread the Word" Novel Pitch competition. He has also won the "Best of 2008-09" from the Liar's League of London, and has had short fiction published in Big Bridge, Cell Stories, Bartleby Snopes, Underground Voices, OFF_ and the Green Press's Anthology of London Writers, "What We Were Thinking Just Before the End" (ISBN: 978-0956235107). He regularly performs at live literature events around London. In addition to writing fiction, he holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence.

Why do you write?


Any favorite authors? Books?

I just do three or I'll be here all day: Zola, Bukowski and Marquez.

Jarred McGinnis's Wall

Jack Nelson – Dec 03, 2009

Quite a CV, sir; but I smiled at your reason why. A hunch: if writing had the discipline of performance, it very well would get better (at least some of it would). I can tell there a mean efficiency about you -- like a hit man sitting down for breakfast in a different city the day after his target just simply dies. No strings, not clues, no reason -- just outcomes.

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