tifini kamara

Location Earth
Occupation Storyteller
Website http://linkedin.com/in/tifinik

About Me

Content Manager- Digital Strategist - Communications Guru

Why do you write?

Pop culture

Any favorite authors? Books?

Ernest Hemingway
Dave Edgars
Douglas Coupland
Charles Bukowski

tifini kamara's Wall

Julie Innis – Apr 30, 2010

should've known, nyc, the stuff you're posting here slays me, TK aka TKO as in your sense of humor knocks me on my ass.

James Lloyd Davis – Apr 29, 2010

Thanks for the reading, I mean, Jesus H. Christ, I enjoy validation

Darryl Price – Apr 14, 2010

You had me at Radiohead.

Keith U. – Apr 13, 2010

Hey, welcome! First wall post!

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