ace in the hole

by Rene Foran

"sex with a cowboy
not only moves the damn earth
it shifts the whole fucking paradigm"

that being said, unsolicited,
not by me mind you,
but by the newest member
of the oldest profession
seated next to me
on the Lucky Streak red eye
from Vegas to Barstow
where it dawned on me

hookers are much better educated 
these days
administering handjobs while
spitting out ten dollar words
like spring break semen
in perfect valley girl-ese
they've come a long way

we have the Industrial Revolution
to thank for that
and Manifest Destiny, baby
don't forget Manifest Destiny
and sweet Al Gore
Father of the internet

hookers are faster, 
and Wi-Fi enabled

above their hearts of gold
and pretty little sailor's mouths
pulse brains of titanium
it's just the way God's making them
these days
or how they've evolved
and why they've survived

they've diversified
and become full service
above and below the belt experts
for all your ego fluffing needs
can't say I blame 'em
In this economy
you gotta have an ace
an ace in the hole