Frank Dahai

Location Europe
Occupation Struggler

About Me

Despite this, or perhaps because of it, Frank is. If he were not then that would be different.

SmokeLong, Flashquake, Pequin, Monkeybicycle and so on.

Why do you write?

Frank Dahai's Wall

Lucinda Kempe – Jun 04, 2012

Frank! Been wondering where y'ar. Nice to 'see' you again.

Yvette Wielhouwer Managan – May 04, 2009

Hello Frank - nice to see you here.

C. Kaminski – Apr 27, 2009

Hi Frank,
I love those fantastic objects on the shelf behind you...the wooden, marionette-looking teddy and the fragile minaret-looking thing that may or may not be attached to the periwinkle minigourd. What else've you got peeking out up there?
Welcome to Fictionaut!

Ethel Rohan – Apr 25, 2009

Yay, Frank. I'm excited to know a fellow Irish writer at last. Ha! No pressure to be named after The Frank O'Connor, right? I love his short stories. I look forward to reading your work here.

Ethel Rohan – Apr 25, 2009

Thanks so much for favving "Cracking Open"--I really appreciate that. Are you Irish?

Ethel Rohan – Apr 25, 2009

Hi Frank,

Welcome abroad. It's great to see you here.

David Erlewine – Apr 25, 2009

thanks man for your comments to Oktoberfest. That was really, really cool to read, man.

David Erlewine – Apr 25, 2009

My pleasure, Frank. Enjoy! It's a cool place, for sure.

David Erlewine – Apr 25, 2009

Hey Frank, welcome, man!

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