David Backer

Location Quito, Ecuador
Occupation Teacher
Website http://fictiondaily.org

About Me

My short fiction needs a lot of work. I've always wanted to be part of a community of writers to read the voices of others and improve. Writing, I think, is an honest communication and a platform for more honest communication. So if you have a tip for me, let me have it. I dig flat-out honesty. I'll do the same.

I'm a high school teacher. I've taught literature and philosophy in Washington, DC and now in Quito, Ecuador. I've published a few things here and there, but I'm proudest of my first novel, self-published, called "Peace in Uncertainty!"

Why do you write?

I think art is good waste management. I write to manage the refuse my mind produces. This helps me be a better person and understand the world more deeply.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Salinger's "Raise High the Roofbeams, Carpenters" is a perfect fiction. I recently read and love Cheever's collected short fiction, also BolaƱo's "2666". Jaspreet Singh's "17 Tomatoes" is
great and he's coming out with a new novel next month.

Right now, on the Internet, I like Len Kuntz, Amber Sparks, Ben White, and Anonymous-9.

David Backer's Wall

James Lloyd Davis – Jul 27, 2010

Thanks, David. You're right about "And so it goes." I read it and found it's more like a novel outline. I took it down and will mark it a failed experiment.

George LaCas – Jun 30, 2010

Hi David, thank you for your feedback on "Hotel Chelsea - Intercut 5 - the talisman". The story is part of a larger work, which I'm posting pretty much as I write it; "the talisman" should not be read as a story in itself, starting in medias res. Your reader response is noted and appreciated.

Don't worry about New York - you'll do much better than X.

Ryder Collins – Apr 21, 2010

No problem for the comment; I thoroughly enjoyed the story! I'm in Auburn, AL right now...a teaching gig.

Tommy Mac – Mar 14, 2010

Thanks for the read and the feedback; they are much appreciated.

Amy Marie Thomas – Feb 26, 2010

Thanks so much for your kind comment! I'm not having a lot of confidence in the potential project, so hearing that is very encouraging.

Sigur Ros is also lovely, spooky stuff. I'm looking forward to reading what you're doing as well!

Larry Strattner – Feb 25, 2010

David. I have a tip for you. You're doing just fine. I will now read your writing. When I am finished I will think, "he's doing just fine."
Welcome to fictionaut.

sara t. – Feb 25, 2010

David, thanx for your comments on "A Necessary Evil". I commented on your comment on the storys wall.

Julie Innis – Feb 25, 2010

Really enjoyed both your pieces and their corresponding notes.

M.H. – Feb 23, 2010

Hi David,
Welcome to Fictionaut!

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