Come and be a part of it!

by David Backer

Come and be a part of it! A new initiative from your Government! Do you want social justice! Do you want a good and fair world! Then be a part of our ground-breaking new program! Dr. Rapture Sviercovich of the Center for Attractive Social Justice has shown that our sexual attractions are synaptic connections formed by culture! We learn to find things sexually attractive! It's nurture! Not nature! In our new program we reset your synapses to be attracted to social justice! Thoughts of breasts, penises, clitorises, all manner of nipples, shoulders, biceps, rear ends, hips, and emotional security will be replaced by thoughts of giving to charity! Saving babies dying from diarrhea in Lesotho! Volunteering at the local homeless shelter! Tutoring dyslexic Navajo children on reservations! Come to our state-of-the-art Social Justice Resetting Facility in beautiful Speonk, Long Island! We will pay you to put wires in your brain and masturbate to images of Indonesian teenagers with goiters! Mongolian grandfathers with elephantiasis! No more pornography! No more mechanical dildos! No more failed relationships! You'll orgasm at a better world! Isn't that what you want!