Tommy Mac

Location Pittsbugh, Pa
Occupation Switchboard Operator

About Me

I'm underemployed, overeducated, bankrupt, divorced, hypertense, hypercritical, alcoholic, myopic, dyspeptic, bipolar, unmotivated, gassy, glaucomal, impatient, and generally not well-liked.

Why do you write?

I write *despite* the fact that I am no author. Intestinal parasites fuel my creativity (but insist upon a certain dietary regimen as the price).

Any favorite authors? Books?

K. Acker, H.C. Artmann, M. deAssis, T. Bernhard, I. Calvino, J.P. Donleavy, S. Drakulic, R. Firbank, W. Gombrowicz, H. Green, J. Green, R. Hoban, C. Johnson, I. Kertesz, D. Kharms, D. Kis, P. Klossowski, T. Konwicki, M. Krleza, P. Lagerkvist, K. Lillis, M. Lowry, H. Murakami, O. Pamuk, M. Pavic, B. Pekic, F. Pessoa, G. von Rezzori, B. Schultz, V. Segalen, I. Svevo, A. Tertz, A. Tisma, D. Ugresic, J. Weil, J.E. Wideman, S.I. Witkiewicz, Amis, Barth, Beckett, Bemelmanns, Boll, Borges, Conrad, Delillo, Dickens, Dostoevsky, Ford, Grass, G. Greene, W. Irving, Joyce, Kafka, Kundera, Mann, Marquez, Melville, F. O'Connor, A. Powell, Proust, Rushdie, Waugh, Wodehouse

I like lots of the books by the people above and, also, lots of books that aren't by those people.

Tommy Mac's Wall

Estelle Bruno – Mar 11, 2010

Nice to have you here Tommy.

Meg Pokrass – Mar 10, 2010

Hello Tommy. Welcome!!!

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