Jay Faulkner

Location Northern Ireland
Occupation I.T.
Website http://www.jayfaulkner.com

About Me

I'm Jay and, though I reside in Northern Ireland, home is simply wherever my loved ones are – my wife, best-friend and soul mate, Carole, and our two wonderful baby boys – Mackenzie and Nathaniel.

So while I'm a hopeful writer, martial artist, sketcher, and dreamer I'm mostly just a husband and father.

I've been lucky enough to have had some short stories / pieces published (in Offshoot Magazine, Apollo's Lyre, Nanoism, Campfire Tales and Long Story Short) and am currently working on my first novel, 'Wednesday's Child'.

I am also the editor of 'With Painted Words' (www.withpaintedwords.com) a site for creative short stories inspired by art.

Why do you write?

It definitely isn't for the money! :o)

I write because I enjoy it and because the stories want to come out; I dread to think what would happen if I didn't get 'them' out of my head and onto paper/into the PC.

... it wouldn't be pretty!

As for what fuels my creativity - it can be anything. My imagination, obviously, a song, a leaf falling from a tree or anything at all. I recently wrote a short story about the last train ride a young ballerina had, on her way to the gas chambers at Auswitz, after seeing a piece of very old, moldy cheese.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Susan Cooper's 'The Dark Is Rising' series is probably my ultimate facourite book. It may read a little out-dated, to some, but I have been reading - and re-reading - it since I was a child and still love it.

Other authors, in no particular order and forgetting hundreds, are: Stephen King, Philip Pullman, Tolkein, Robin Hobb, Stepehen Donaldson, Terry Pratchett, John Connolly, Raymond Feist, Michael Moorcock, and - as I said - many, many more.

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