Jessie Campbell

Location Costa Rica

About Me

My biggest skill is procrastinating at writing. I'm currently working on a young adult fantasy novel that will sneak out of my computer one night and murder me in my sleep.

"14-B" in Year One of Sand: A Journal of Strange Tales.; also on Fictionaut

"Beauty" in the October 2008 flash fiction issue of DOGZPLOT.

"Watercolored Different" in issue #29 of Beyond Centauri magazine.
(Scroll to Issue 29 of Beyond Centauri; also on Fictionaut)

"Fishing" in LITSNACK.

"Election Day Cake" in Skive Magazine (Americana issue, November 2010).

"Crumpled Notes" in Calliope Nerve.

"Rain" at 52|250 A Year of Flash.

"Back Home" at 52|250 A Year of Flash.

"The Five Stages of Thirst" at Midwest Literary Magazine.

"Hunted" at Eschatology Journal.

"The Beginning at the End" at Hogglepot.

"Knowing" at Postcard Shorts.

"The White Place" at Flashes in the Dark.

"Gorlok's Gold" at 10 Reasons to Cross the Moat.

"Movement" at Skive Magazine.

Why do you write?

Because when inspiration strikes, it’s as exciting as jumping off a cliff... and it usually ends better.

Any favorite authors? Books?

I'm not exactly avant-garde. I'm all over the place and not afraid to admit I like some popular stuff as well as the obscure stuff.

Jessie Campbell's Wall

James Lloyd Davis – May 04, 2011

Jessie, thank you for the inspiration and then the fave and the comment on "Romancing the bones of Belinda."

Misti Rainwater-Lites – Apr 14, 2011

Thanks, Jessie! I love your name, too. Hope you enjoy reading my blog.

James Lloyd Davis – Apr 13, 2011

Jessie, thanks ever so much for the fave and the comment on "If a tree falls..." Sometimes, the stories I love best to write are the least appreciated. That's one of them. So when someone does 'see' it, it's a good day.

Soon to be deleted – Apr 08, 2011

Most definitely my pleasure :)

Soon to be deleted – Apr 03, 2011

Jessie, thanks for reading Leakage and for the comment, I'm glad you liked it :)

Soon to be deleted – Apr 01, 2011

Glad you're here. Looking forward to more writing.

Myra King – Apr 30, 2010

Thanks, Jessie, for your nice comments on CTR. Much appreciated.

Gary Percesepe – Apr 25, 2010

hi jessie,

welcome to fn

i enjoyed 14-b

post some more--when you get a chance.

all best,


Katrina Gray – Apr 25, 2010

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the F-naut! It was great to see you Friday. Thanks so much for your kind words about "Twine."

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