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I was born in Bratislava, then Czechoslovakia, now Slovakia. As a teenager I saw tanks rolling through the streets of my hometown. That encounter led to many stories. A vocation was born.

THIS Literary Magazine has nominated me for a Pushcart Prize for "The Year of the Dog". The link is here

An interview with me about my Mirko series, and specifically the story "Sounds of Silence", conducted by Susan Tepper, appeared in the Monday Chat With series, on Fictionaut.

Thunderclap Magazine has published "Waiting on Aida".

River Poets Journal has published "You're the Top" in the Hopeless Romantic issue.

Right Hand Pointing published "Bratislava".

Orion Headless published "Promises".

Camroc Press Review published "All I Needed Now".

50 to 1 published "Juicy".

Blue Five Notebook published "Two Steps Back", a Mirko story.

Long Story Short published "The Three Musketeers".

Grift published "Nicole", a noir story.

"On Empty", another noir story, appears in A Twist of Noir. The link is here

"Goat Fate" and "Flights", interconnected stories, appear in Pure Slush. The link is here and

"Lake Tranquility" appears in the Summer 2011 issue of The Linnet's Wings. The link is here

Two stories about Mirko, the teenage hoodlum in Bratislava, appear in Istanbul Literary Review. The link is here

A later story about Mirko, entitled "And Father Makes Three", appears in Kaffe in Katmandu. The link is here

Three stories about Mirko appear in Prime Number Magazine. The link is here

Wilderness House Literary Review has another Mirko. The link is here

"A Pack of Lipas" is at Left Hand Waving. The link is here

"Brief Encounter" appears in the May 2011 issue of Negative Suck. The link is here

"Where Were You?" is at Pure Slush. The link is here

"The Magician" was the February 2011 Story of the Month in Bartleby Snopes. The link is here

"The Ice Cream Cone Face" is in Apollo's Lyre. The link is here

In 52/250 A Flash Year I have a nine-part series starring Mirko, as well as some other pieces.

Other stories will appear soon in Windsor Review, New Sun Rising: an Anthology, In Between Altered States, r.kv.r.y and Lost in Thought Magazine.

The novel is unfolding, slowly, ever so slowly. The interconnected Mirko stories are being woven together, to be published in 2012.

Why do you write?

After repressing my stories for most of my life a dam has burst and I cannot stop writing. So many stories, so little time.

Any favorite authors? Books?

From my homeland Karel Capek, Jaroslav Hasek, Pavol Dobsinsky, Jaroslav Seifert, Franz Kafka. Homer, Sophocles. Dostoevsky, Tolstoy. Balzac, Flaubert. Forster, Conrad, Orwell. Faulkner, Flannery O'Connor, Cormac McCarthy, William Saroyan, Annie Proulx. My teacher and mentor Alistair MacLeod.
And of course hundreds of great short story writers beginning with Chekhov and Bunin through to Cheever, Salinger, Ron Carlson and Ursula Hegi.
I am indebted to all.

Andrew Stancek's Wall

Michelle Elvy – Sep 08, 2013

Ah, Andrew, thank you for stopping in my little Wall love story, and adding those ***s. Much appreciate the close read.

Matthew Robinson – Jan 08, 2013

Hey Andrew,

Congratulations on your big month! You are an excellent writer; the attention is well-deserved.

Barry Basden – Oct 26, 2012

Thanks for reading my little construction, 'Listening to Neil Young...' and hope things continue to go well for you, Andrew.

Michael Gillan Maxwell – Jun 19, 2012

Hi Andrew! Thanks for taking time to read "Are You Sure Charles Bukowski Did It This Way" and for your very funny comment! :-)

Lucinda Kempe – Jun 17, 2012


Thank you for the ! comments on my father piece. Much appreciated.


Barry Basden – Jun 05, 2012

Thanks, Andrew, for reading and the * for three more of my little war stories.

James Claffey – Apr 15, 2012

i still remember the butcher knife line!

James Claffey – Apr 15, 2012

andrew, thanks so much for the kind words on my stories! very generous of you. i'll be certain to read your work very shortly, soon as the baby goes down! cheers.

James Lloyd Davis – Feb 09, 2012

Hang in there, Bubba.

Meg Tuite – Feb 08, 2012

Andrew, LOVE your Mirko series and hope to see more!! Keep on writing!! You are AMAZING!!!

See ya – Feb 08, 2012

Keep writing, Andrew. We're all better writers and readers for it. Thanks for sharing your work.

Joe Kapitan – Jan 24, 2012

Andrew, thanks for reading and commenting on "Matisse..". I truly appreciate it. So glad you enjoyed.

Barry Basden – Jan 23, 2012

Thanks for your nice comment & * on 'Reynolds and Me,' Andrew. I'm gathering them in one basket, see what I've got...

kate hill cantrill – Jan 12, 2012

Thank you Andrew, for your reading and for your comments. I'm looking forward to reading your words!

Marcus Speh – Dec 18, 2011

hi andrew, thanks for commenting on "fox": i appreciate your generosity and i pass on your wish to see "gizella" published to the angels. someone will answer, i'm sure. merry days, also to mirko.

Barry Basden – Dec 10, 2011

Thanks, Andrew, for your comments on The Lonely Heart Hunts. That shot seems to give it another dimension, all right.

Bobbi Lurie – Dec 06, 2011

Dear Andrew, thank you so much for your comment on "Soliloquy on Ma"--thanks for noticing "brutally unsentimental"--that means a lot--

Kathy Fish – Nov 28, 2011

Andrew, you absolutely made my night with your kind words about my stories. Thanks so much!

Christopher Allen – Nov 08, 2011

Hi Andrew. Thank you for your recent comment on "Three-handed Bridge." All the best.

Gill Hoffs – Nov 08, 2011

Thank you for the lovely comment on 'Annie MacLeod'! I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. The book I'm working on just now is set somewhere similar in my mind-scape, though it soon takes off to sea [literally]. You've got me thinking - perhaps I should look to the next step for Annie, maybe 'The rebirth of Annie MacLeod' or something similar. I do wonder what happened to her next. Glad it's not just me!

Neil Serven – Nov 01, 2011

Andrew, I loved your comment on "Welcome to the Occupation." Thanks so much. I'm glad it rang true.

Kari Nguyen – Oct 31, 2011

Andrew, I very much appreciate your words on Breaking Curfew, etc. Thank you! I look forward to reading your work and hope to be back soon to do so (I have very limited internet access at present). All best.

Jack Swenson – Oct 27, 2011

Just found "Mirko's Morning." How'd I miss it? Like all the rest, I love it. Poor Mirko. He missed his chance. *

John Riley – Oct 25, 2011

Thanks for commenting on "Permission to Go," Andrew. I appreciate it very much.

Marcus Speh – Oct 25, 2011

andrew, the comment means a lot coming from you in particular—with your, because of family history—better rapport with revolution. thanks!

John Riley – Oct 25, 2011

Thanks for commenting on "Interstate" Andrew. I'm very pleased you like it.

Joani Reese – Oct 23, 2011

Andrew: Sometimes life writes our pieces for us. Thank you for your response to "2008, What I Wanted." I appreciate you.

Marcus Speh – Oct 19, 2011

you're welcome, andrew, mirko truly has the european feel...i also have a european story up, <a href="">moondog</a>: enjoy!

Joani Reese – Oct 11, 2011

Hi Andrew: Thank you for coming by to read and like For Captain Paul. I appreciate it much.

John Riley – Oct 08, 2011

Thanks for commenting on "Three Stories of You." Made my day!

Jack Swenson – Oct 06, 2011

Andrew, thanks for your response to "Hot Dish"; much appreciated. But when are we going to get the next episode of your series?

M.H. – Oct 03, 2011

Hi Andrew,
Thanks so much for your nice words on "Origin." I'm so glad you liked it!

John Riley – Oct 02, 2011

Thanks for the welcome, Andrew.

John Riley – Sep 24, 2011

Thank you for the warm welcome, Andrew.

Meg Pokrass – Sep 12, 2011

Dear Andrew, thank you for rejecting the harsh word "rejection". I would like others to also sample your talents as they have sampled mine and yours and so many samples it gives on a stomach ache. It is only right, and with all of this rejection swirling around, it is not fair to say but it is not fair. -The Editorial Staff

Jane Hammons – Sep 09, 2011

Thanks, Andrew, for reading "Lettie"!

Susan Tepper – Sep 09, 2011

Andrew, thanks so much for what you said about my story "kid"

Joani Reese – Jun 29, 2011

Thanks, Andrew, for your comment and Fave on "Trading Manhattan for Bentonville." The sad part is it's so close to reality, it's scarey! Thanks again.

Jane Hammons – Jun 20, 2011

Andrew, Thanks for your heartfelt comment and fave on Mothering in Real Time. Our children are approx the same ages! It's amazing to see them as adults, isn't it?

James Lloyd Davis – Jun 15, 2011

Andrew, thanks for the fave and the comment on "The running from San Pedro blues." Good to see the feedback this morning.

Jack Swenson – Jun 10, 2011

Hey, Andrew. Thanks for your review of my little story "Ants." When are you going give us another chapter of Mirko? Love the series.

Mark Reep – Jun 10, 2011

Hi Andrew, thanks for taking time for House By The Sea. My approach to emotionally charged material is generally to understate and trust the reader, so your comment about avoiding sentimentality is encouraging, and much appreciated.

Jane Hammons – Jun 01, 2011

Andrew, Thanks so much for reading my stories. I appreciate it!

Jane Hammons – May 30, 2011

Thanks for reading The Uninvited Guest, Andrew. Fingers crossed that the novel gets published!

Jim V – May 22, 2011

Andrew, red balloon accepted! Thanks for the kind words about my May 19th poem!

Berit Ellingsen – May 20, 2011

Hi Andrew! Thank you for reading and commenting on my story! :) Always nice to meet another writer who writes in English as (I presume) second language. My novel also consists of interconnected but separate stories. Looking forward to reading more of your stories.

Susan Tepper – May 19, 2011

Andrew really happy you enjoyed "Tool" and thanks for telling me!

Julie Innis – May 18, 2011

Thank you Andrew. Enjoyed your bio and will be following your links.

James Lloyd Davis – May 13, 2011

Adrew, thanks for the fave and the great comment on "The complete, unabridged contents of an abandoned diary found in Memphis." Working hard on the novel(s), appreciate the support/nudge.

Linda Simoni-Wastila – May 08, 2011

Andrew, thanks for reading Unintended Consequences, and so glad 2nd POV worked for you. It's a great POV to write in these super shorts -- so immediate and punchy. Peace...

Meg Tuite – May 04, 2011

Dear Andrew,
Thank you so much for your generous comments! Universal, yes!! The torture chambers created by humans for humans!! I so appreciate your reading "Sinister Age of the Draft" and taking the time to comment so thoughtfully!!!!

Kathy Fish – Apr 28, 2011

Appreciate the kind words and fav for "The Bed" Andrew!

James Lloyd Davis – Apr 26, 2011

Andrew, thanks for the enthusiasm and the fave and comment on "The Rising."

M – Apr 23, 2011

Andrew: Thank you for your very generous remarks about my piece for my mother on mother's day. I hope you are having a good weekend and I look forward to reading your work.

Kathy Fish – Apr 20, 2011

Thank you for the kind words for "Empty", Andrew. Pleased to meet you here. Cheers, Kathy

David Ackley – Apr 20, 2011

Andrew, thanks for hunting up that story and giving me the chance to read your quite pleasant comment.

Bill Yarrow – Apr 14, 2011

Thanks for faving "The Truth Will Out." I fear it hardly deserves that, but glad you liked it. Refund? Absolutely! The check is in the (e)mail.

James Lloyd Davis – Apr 14, 2011

Andrew, thanks for the fave on "David Foster Wallace meets the sage Lao Tse in a strange place."

Meg Tuite – Apr 13, 2011

Thank you so much for reading and commenting on "What I wanted, 1946..." I'm so glad you love Flannery also! I never lose my enthusiasm for her work!!!!

Bill Yarrow – Apr 06, 2011

Thank you, Andrew, for commenting on and faving "Son of Goya." Very pleased you like it.

James Lloyd Davis – Apr 06, 2011

Andrew, thanks ever so much for the fave and the generous comment on "Women? Don't get me started."

M.H. – Apr 05, 2011

Hi Andrew,
Thanks so much for your nice words on "Christina Heppel"- I have another story posted here, "Goodnight Dogs," that is part of the collection.
So glad you enjoyed it!

James Lloyd Davis – Apr 03, 2011

Andrew, thanks for the great comments and the faves on "She said" and "If a tree falls." Working hard on that novel now.

Susan Tepper – Mar 29, 2011

Andrew, love you back and thanks for Ringing

Bill Yarrow – Mar 29, 2011

Wow! Cool comment on the Translator poem. Thanks so much, Andrew!

Frank Vander Rasky – Mar 25, 2011

Andrew, thanks for your comments on “God Bless You, Mr. Rinsewater” and “Badabing Badaboom.” Appreciated!

Cherise Wolas – Mar 23, 2011

Hi Andrew and welcome to fn! Thank you for your lovely comments on Sisters At The Lake and for the fav, much appreciated, and I do hope you're right! I look forward to reading your work here too.

Linda Simoni-Wastila – Mar 18, 2011

Hi Andrew, thanks for your very kind words on my wall -- made my day. I look forward to getting to know you and your words as we journey here together. your background is fascinating. What is your novel about? I've read two outstanding 'novels' of connected stories lately and love te structure -- A VISIT FROM THE GOON SQUAD and LET THE GREAT WORLD SPIN. My novels are almost done, too. But then again, are they ever really finished? Peace...

Robert Vaughan – Mar 09, 2011

Hi Andrew! So glad you joined us at Fictionaut! Welcome to the site!

Bill Yarrow – Mar 07, 2011

Thanks, Andrew, for reading and faving "Greyhound." I appreciate it very much.

Welcome to Fictionaut!

Jerry Ratch – Mar 07, 2011

Welcome, Andrew! All four of my grandparents came from what was known at the turn of the 1900's as "Bohemia."

Susan Tepper – Mar 06, 2011

Hi Andrew, welcome to Fictionaut, and thanks very much for read/commenting on my story 2010, What I wanted.

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