by Nathaniel Tower

On a visit, Jesus sees bracelets with WWJD. What does that mean? he asks. What Would Jesus Do? they respond. I wouldn't wear that, he says.

How can you judge what we wear? they ask. Jesus ponders something Biblical to say. He remains silent, knowing they won't get it.

Cat got your tongue? they ask. Don't you recognize me? Jesus finally says. They look at him. Were you in my frat? one asks.

Why you just standing there? the burly guy asks. Jesus shakes his head, cheeks turning repeatedly. Laughing, the group slaps high fives.

You really don't recognize me? Jesus says. Get outta here poser, they yell.
Would Jesus really say that? he asks.

The guys close in on Jesus, but he quietly picks up a WWJD bracelet. Give me my bracelet, one demands. Over my dead body, Jesus replies.

Jesus turns the bracelet to stone. You'll pay for that, one says. No you will, Jesus says as he parts the stunned crowd and walks away.