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The Shock of Then, Now

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A film is being made, pencil pushers/ Are afraid, Writers all in jail, we cry

O' Bending Light

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The woman smiled at the scene. She closed her eyes to accept one final, warm kiss before the fence swallowed the sun whole. A cool breeze stirred itself from slumber, fanning Muriel’s face the moment the sun’s last ray stopped lingering.


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On a visit, Jesus sees bracelets with WWJD. What does that mean? he asks. What Would Jesus Do? they respond. I wouldn’t wear that, he says.


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#ShortStory #writers are failed #poets...

Six Spring Tweets

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[the blind man's tweet] I held the words in my hands. They were cool to the touch. I wanted to put them in my mouth but I was afraid I might choke on them.