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We ate wontons until marriage became a tag on a fortune cookie. In a talk about needs he said do you even masturbate. I lied to him. In bed.(And here's my filler to get it to eligible posting size.)

Tiger Lawn

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half delicious//half tricked

Round the World Now

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It's true that he had always been more pure than her, looking for the authentic experience, authentic food. And more adventurous. Blogging their way around the world, yes, that had been his idea . . .

Piece of Mind

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Samuel wondered if Megan could hear the brains humming, but like so many of the questions Samuel had for Megan, it was difficult to find the right moment to ask.

Hashtagstory No. 1

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#whateverhappenedto #beforesex #whateverhappenedto #duringsex #whateverhappenedto #aftersex #nevertrust[written in August 2009]


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time. Night after night he's up, restless. What if she knew his plans? If only he'd bypass his miscalculations and slip through

O' Bending Light

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The woman smiled at the scene. She closed her eyes to accept one final, warm kiss before the fence swallowed the sun whole. A cool breeze stirred itself from slumber, fanning Muriel’s face the moment the sun’s last ray stopped lingering.

Terror of Nod

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onward, soldier


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On a visit, Jesus sees bracelets with WWJD. What does that mean? he asks. What Would Jesus Do? they respond. I wouldn’t wear that, he says.


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Sirens wake me, screaming warnings in the dark.


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They met on a cruise, married days later.


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During the audit...

Penny and the Potato People

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Suddenly they were in Trafalgar Square. Penny looked out of the turret. One of the Landseer lions winked at her. 'The Potato People are here.'

The Twisted Remains of Mrs Mackenzie: A Twitter Tale

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One of the boys, Jasper, whose bravery was matched only by his stupidity, egged on by his friends, climbed nimbly up the spindly tower.

Turnip Surgery: A Twitter Tale

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She fluttered her Boots No.7 eyelashes at him, for she too felt an attraction to this young man. So they chatted about ornithology and the price of Lego until Kaptain Kozmik started to get high on the space scone.