Amanda Nazario

Location New York, NY
Occupation Writer, dog walker, tutor, DJ, stuff

About Me

I write mostly short fiction, but have some longer fiction, poems, and essays too. I love dogs and other animals, pop/rock music, eating donuts and cookies, hilarity, and not being cold. I have an MFA in fiction writing from CUNY City College.

Why do you write?

So that people will like me and I can congratulate myself. (But also so that people will understand me and each other.)

Any favorite authors? Books?

Authors: Grace Paley, Henry James, Henry (freakin') Miller, John Dos Passos, Herman Melville, Sherman Alexie, Vladimir Nabokov, James Herriot, George Saunders sometimes, Roddy Doyle, Matt Groening if Life In Hell compilations count as books, Robert Coover, Donald Barthelme, Michel Houellebecq, Arthur Bradford

Books: Middlemarch, The Limerick (ed. G. Legman), Blood Meridian, A Confederacy of Dunces, Homo Faber, The Adventures of Augie March, Infinite Jest, Understanding Comics, The Grass Harp, books by authors mentioned above, more.


Amanda Nazario's Wall

Katrina Gray – Sep 05, 2009

Wow, Amanda. Thanks so much for the cool comments on "Tofino." I'm glad it made you laugh!

Amanda Nazario – Sep 03, 2009

Dave -- it is done! (Sorry for the delay in responding to you; I confused my profile wall with my story wall and thought you'd posted and then deleted yourself.) Very pleased to be in the SLQ group.

Dave Clapper – Aug 31, 2009

Hi, Amanda. Will you join the SmokeLong group and add "Matt" to the stories there? Thanks!

Darryl Price – Mar 04, 2009

Hi Amanda--just wanted to wish you a happy coming springtime.

Corey Zeller – Feb 14, 2009


It was nice hearing from you again. Really liked your stuff!

Meakin Armstrong – Jan 11, 2009

Ha! Thanks, sweetie. I hate your stuff for the EXACT same reason. . . Just too damned good.

Scott Garson – Nov 29, 2008

i get home tonight and should be putting up a new story on top of yours. I guess my rule would be: once something's on top of yours, yours can be fictionauted.... will say once more: great story! definitely rewards the second and third read..

Scott Garson – Nov 25, 2008

hi a-- your story is up!

Jon Davies – Nov 15, 2008

One can do worse than short poems that rhyme and scan. When they're good, when they manage actually not to sound stilted, they're things that make me lie back in wonder.

Molly Gaudry – Oct 05, 2008

The Artist's Way is great. I went to an arts high school, and it was the textbook for both my Jazz Theory & Music Comp classes and my creative writing classes. I return to it every time I hit a slump.

Thanks for the comment on my sky story! I love sestinas. I hadn't thought of my piece like that. I hate sestinas that use the same word to end every line. They can be funny, but still. I don't know why I'm ranting about this. I'm sure there are a lot of very good ones out there that do this. The Bob one, right? Anyway, all right. Thank you again, Amanda. Looking forward to reading you here.

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