I Was Strolling Through The Water One Day

by Amanda Nazario

One day a baby and a mother Blue Whale swam to the Hudson River. The baby took a few sips of water. The father visited them there. He said, "Why don't you come on vacation with me, my dear daughter?" The baby was delighted. She said, "Oh, father, I'd love to!"

A Killer Whale came near the mother. The mother said, "Stop fighting with me." The Killer Whale went away. When the father and the baby came home, the mother went down to the bottom of the water. The father and the baby followed her. They moved away.

The Killer Whale came back and promised to be nice. A big rat swam to the Killer Whale. The Killer Whale said "Hello. What's your name?" The rat said, "My name is Peter Rat." The rat and the whales lived happily ever after together.