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Dave Housley is the author of Ryan Seacrest is Famous, a collection of short fiction that got called "hilarious" sometimes, and also "consistently engrossing, entertaining, and exciting," and some other nice stuff. His work has been published in Columbia, Nerve, Sycamore Review, and some other places. He's one of the founding editors of Barrelhouse, a literary magazine that bridges the gap between serious art and pop culture.

Dave Housley's Wall

Rae Bryant – Jul 18, 2010

Hi Dave! Looking forward to the Barrelhouse/Moon Milk Review party!

Meg Pokrass – Oct 06, 2009

i love your story in Wigleaf!

David Erlewine – Oct 05, 2009

great to have you in the workshoppy group. hope you find it helpful, interesting, etc.

Paula Bomer – Sep 10, 2009

Hi Dave Housley!

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