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Finnegan Flawnt – Feb 02, 2010

hey there...i also have a story titled 'listen' out in the world, looking for a home. a very different story though. i like yours and i am curious why you consider it a "failed attempt" (at what? at story?) cheers, mate -ff

David Erlewine – Jan 30, 2010

c, thanks for the blog note. no one ever calls me a babe anymore. thanks again for the interview. i know at least two folks from zoetrope are subbing stories for the for every year project so that's really cool. d

David Erlewine – Sep 25, 2009

Excellent, Crispin, sounds good. I've stopped/started a number of years (in my head and on paper). I will get my sheet together and get in touch with you soon, hopefully this weekend. Cami's piece really lit a fire under my posterior.

David Erlewine – Sep 25, 2009

what up! working on a "year" story for you, broham.

David Erlewine – Feb 05, 2009

Hi, Crispin, thanks for your kind note about my story in Tuesday Shorts. Wonderful to hear. David

Charles Lennox – Feb 03, 2009

Yes, hello.

Scott Garson – Jan 26, 2009

welcrisp comein welcrisp comein

Molly Gaudry – Jan 26, 2009

! ! ! Welcome, Crispin ! ! !

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