Richard Nash

Location Brooklyn, NY, USA
Occupation Publisher

About Me

Oh, I'm just a publisher, connecting writers and readers as best I can, and really genuinely trying to do my best at it!

Why do you write?

Lauren Cerand thought I'd like, and Lauren's pretty much right about most things, so...

Any favorite authors? Books?

The ones I publish. Quite honestly, that's just the way—I've read almost nothing other than what I've published since I started in publishing in 2001.

Richard Nash's Wall

Marcus Speh – Sep 17, 2011

you've been on here even longer than i, early in 2009, as <a href="">finnegan flawnt</a>. enjoying red lemonade!

Zack Wentz – Sep 30, 2009

Howdy, Richard.

David Erlewine – Aug 27, 2009

Your website is overwhelming, in a great kinda way. Everyone on Fictionaut would be well advised to check it out.

Genevieve Tucker – Mar 15, 2009

Hello Mr Nash, very interested to see what you do next in the brave new world of Publishing 3.0.
Watching your spaces...

David Ulin – Oct 03, 2008

Hey Richard -- how's it going?

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