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My fiction has appeared in: Narrative Magazine, Tampa Review, KNOCK, Shamballa Sun, and THEMA. I'm also a contributor for Three Guys One Book.

My short story "Scar" won first place for the 2012 Danahy Award issued by Tampa Review and the University of Tampa and was also a finalist for the Narrative's Winter 2011 Winter Story Contest. The same story was also nominated for the anthology New Stories from the MidWest. Another story "Dead End" was a finalist for the Danahy Award, issued by Tampa Review.

I live with my beautiful wife and our 4 children in West Bend, Wisconsin. I'm at work on a novel.

Here is a story published by Narrative Magazine titled, "Martyr".

Why do you write?

Writers write because they can't not write.

Any favorite authors? Books?

John Steinbeck, Denis Johnson, Chekhov, Junot Diaz, Carver, George Saunders, Cormac McCarthy, Charels D'Ambrosio, Mark Twain, JD Salanger, John Fante, N. Scott Momaday, Hemingway, Jeffery Euginides, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tennessee Williams, Johnathan Evison, Ben Loory, Ekhart Tolle, Lao Tzu...

Mark Krieger's Wall

Mark Krieger – Jul 18, 2014

Thank you Tim! I will when I get something more published. Greatness to come. I promise.

Timmothy Merath – Jul 16, 2014

Post stories! NOW!

Mark Krieger – Jan 20, 2013

Yes, but they but they were babies so terrible that needed to given up for adoption so as to save their poor "father" from embarrassment...

Timmothy Merath – Jan 14, 2013

You said you would post words. You did not. It has been nine months since. Babies have been born in the interim...

Meg Tuite – Mar 18, 2012

Thank you so much, Mark, for your comments on "The Trench." So appreciate your reading it!

Timmothy Merath – Feb 15, 2012

New stories, please. Thank you in advance. Can't wait! Seriously.

Timmothy Merath – May 28, 2011

New stories, please. Thank you in advance. Can't wait!

See ya – Sep 02, 2010

You're a king for the fine comments you gave on my story Gathering. Good to hear those words, hoss, and glad to meet you on here. Look forward to reading your work.

James Lloyd Davis – Jul 24, 2010

Mark, thanks ever so much for reading and the generous comments on "The Pure Land."

Kari Nguyen – Jul 24, 2010

Hi Mark, thanks for reading my piece. Much appreciated!

Marcy Dermansky – Jul 19, 2010

Hey Mark

That's a lot of good people we had in common. Is Peter still in Mexico. I love that issue of Knock. How great we were in the same issue.


Robert Vaughan – Jul 19, 2010

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the shout out. We ought to hang out sometime and chat about the roundtable(s) that I lead. Judy is no longer at the helm. No matter, I would still like to chat with you. Are you in Milwaukee?
If you visit the Redbird- Redoak site, the times of the roundtable are listed there. I do have some novelists in both groups currently (as well as other genre writers).
Welcome to Fictionaut, in any case.

Mark Krieger – Jul 19, 2010

thanks Ben! too bad i can't put up my newer stories yet. i think i have to wait till they're out in print before i hang them on the wall here... the one in Narrative is far better than Song of the Needle...

Darryl Price – Jul 19, 2010

Man, that is cool listing Lao Tzu. Mark Twain doesn't get mentioned nearly enough either. Welcome aboard.

Ben Loory – Jul 19, 2010

welcome to fictionaut, mark krieger!! now you have to put a story up, so people can read it! preferably one that has already been published somewhere. and then you should probably wander around and read other people's stuff, see what's out there, get to know people. stuff like that. it's like facebook, except for writers! oh wait, you're not on facebook... so, it's kinda like... life? :)

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