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  • by Nathaniel Bellows
    W. W. Norton & Company, 2008.

  • by Nathaniel Bellows
    , 2004.

  • by Katrina Kenison, Michael Chabon
    Mariner Books, 2005.

  • by Elizabeth Schmidt
    Everyman's Library, 2002.
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    NAN: A novel-in-stories, is now available as an ebook and a limited edition hardcover--the physical book has my illustrations on the jacket and as hand-drawn endpapers. The ebook is $6.99 and the actual book is $20, but if you order now, I'll sign and inscribe it for you personally, if you'd like.

    The stories posted here are from NAN, a novel-in-stories, which I've just recently finished. There are ten stories in the book and seven have been published. To read them in order:

    #1 - "Nan" - originally published in Post Road
    #2 - "Liars" - originally published in Narrative
    #3 - "Country House" - originally published in Redivider
    #4 - "Caution" - originally published in Memorious
    #5 - "Forgiveness" - originally published in Guernica
    #6 - "Compatriots" - originally published in Guernica
    #7 - "Plus and Minus" - originally published in Cousin Corrine's Reminder #2

    Thank you for reading.

    (Note: a few of the stories are too long for the format here, so I've included links to where they were originally published. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

    Buy the complete NAN--all ten stories--as an ebook here:

    I am also the author of the novel, ON THIS DAY (HarperCollins 2003/2004; Harmon Blunt 2006), and a collection of poetry, WHY SPEAK? (W.W.Norton 2007/2008). My short fiction has appeared in The Paris Review, Guernica, Post Road, Redivider, The Best American Short Stories 2005, and other journals.

    Here are two recent interviews in Emprise Review and Pages to Pixels:

    This is my Goodreads profile. I would love to connect with readers:

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    Larry Strattner – Apr 03, 2011

    Good story Plus and Minus. Involving. Long for here. Welcome to fictionaut.

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