Cannabis Emerges, Rampant

by Larry Strattner

“What the hell is going on out here!? Yelled the man with the shotgun,” bursting into the clearing.

“Take it easy man, I smelled a skunk.” replied the hiker. “Then the damned thing jumped at me, right out of the Pampas Grass. It was on the attack! I fired in self-defense!”

“That was my weed-grow you smelled, you goddamn idiot! And you gunned down my West Highland Terrier, you pet murderer!” The yelling man racked a shell into the chamber of his shotgun.

The hiker swung his Ithaca 37 up, to point at the screamer

At the sound of  "Booms!" from the woods the folks at the “Welcome to the Cannabis Culture Barbecue” thought someone had brought firecrackers for the legalization celebration.