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I'm a novice writer who developed this as a hobby in January 2009. I find it addictive and am eager to learn more about this craft.

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Jack Swenson – Jan 31, 2011

Joe, thanks for your reading commenting on my Carver story. Yup, I'm a disciple, but I'm not sure if I tag along after Carver or Lish!

Jerry Ratch – Jan 15, 2011

Thanks, Joe!

Jack Ales-Oruam – Jan 08, 2011

Thank you for the comment on "Jeans," Joe. Glad you liked it.

Jack Swenson – Dec 28, 2010

Loosely, Joe. Loosely connected. Thank you for the read.

Juhi Kalra – Dec 24, 2010

Hi Joe
Chapter II was already up, and Chapter III is up now of "The Hill Behind the Door". Hope you continue to tell me how you feel about it. Safe holidays.

Katherine Nabity – Dec 16, 2010

Joe, thanks for the comment on "Bouncy with Anticipation." 52|250 is flash written in 250 words, so sometimes ideas tend to lack in the development area. Haven't decided if I want to give it another shot as a longer short story.

Fred Osuna – Dec 13, 2010

Hey, Joe... Thanks for reading and commenting on my "le Misérable."

Julie Innis – Dec 11, 2010

Joe Hartley, much thanks!

Juhi Kalra – Dec 10, 2010

Thank you for your comment on Hill Behind the Door. Will be posting Chapter 2 tonight.
Much metta

Matthew A. Hamilton – Dec 10, 2010

Good eye on Saying Goodbye. Thank you.

Cherise Wolas – Dec 06, 2010

Joe, thank you kindly for the lovely words about Gin And A Cowboy: Redux!

I look forward to reading your work.

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