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George LaCas – Jun 08, 2010

Thank you for your comment about "The Naked Mountain" - glad you liked it.

David Ackley – May 25, 2010

Hi Jonas,

Thanks so much for your appreciative review of my story. You're a great audience for my stupid jokes( don't know what that says about both of us) and the happy coincidence of your and Savannah's selecting stories of mine has really made this a great occasion. It's probably not for me to say this, but I really enjoyed the writing of the review, quite as funny as you allege some of mine to be.

All the best


Finnegan Flawnt – Apr 08, 2010

thanks for your comment on "flatulence", jonas - good to hear you threw off yer shackles...

Carol Reid – Mar 31, 2010

Hi, P. Jonas! Thank you for reading and commenting on my story.

Jack Swenson – Mar 31, 2010

Interesting comment on my Sr. Center story.

Larry Strattner – Mar 24, 2010

Thanks. I consider comments to be acceptances. Then in my bio I say; "published and widely read in the Netherlands."

Jack Swenson – Mar 23, 2010

P. Jonas, I appreciate your post about my "quitting" story. Thanks for the read and the great reaction.

David Ackley – Mar 08, 2010

Obviously, I have reason to like your method of trolling the side rivulets, but even aside from that it seems like a good idea. I read longer stories which amounts to the same thing since most of them are little read, and most of those are good.

David Ackley – Mar 08, 2010

Thanks for breathing a bit of life back into my story with your reading it and the kind words. Much appreciated.

Christian Bell – Mar 04, 2010

Thanks for posting on my wall! My presence on yours will probably put “Supernaut” back in your head if it’s gone out. I would apologize but I can’t for such an excellent song. Seriously, glad to see someone else has an appreciation.

Saw Ministry perform that song live about 20 years ago (how has it been that long ago?). I was happy to see a proper studio version of it released a few years ago.

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