Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and A Nice Hot Bath: What I Learned From Magazines This Week

by Roz Warren

Actress Rita Moreno wakes up humming.
People (5/1/17)

Riding a roller coaster with your partner makes you more attractive to each other. 
People (5/1/17)

The image on the commemorative stamp the Central African Republic recently issued to honor film legend Marilyn Monroe is actually a photo of female  impersonator Jimmy James.
The Gay & Lesbian Review  (5/17)

Taking a hot bath burns as many calories as taking a walk.
People (5/1/17)

Every hour you spend running adds 7 hours to your life.
New York (4/17/17)

For stress relief, actress Julia Roberts plays mah-jongg.
People (5/1/17)

President Trump reportedly selects his Cabinet officials in part based on whether they “look the part” for television.
New York (4/17/17)

Frank Sinatra thought Dominick Dunne was such a phony that he once paid a hit man fifty dollars to punch the writer in the head to dislodge the toupee he wore to cover up his bald spot.
The Gay & Lesbian Review (5/17)

Companies in British Colombia are no longer allowed to require their employees to wear high heels to work. 
Time (4/24/17).

Glenn Beck owns a piece of the coat President Lincoln was killed in.
Rolling Stone (11/3/16)

People who give up social media for a week feel more content.
People (5/1/17)

(Roz Warren  is the author of Just Another Day At Your Local Public Library: An Insider's Tales of Library Life.)