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Pork Chops and Apple Sauce

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When I went to the SPCA, I had the intention of looking for a Beagle. I had done the research and thought the breed would be a good fit for my lifestyle. I am a long distance runner and wanted some company on the long night runs. I wanted a dog that would…

Woman, Running Late, in a Dress

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Gasps and shouts, a hand on my arm, sequined gowns and expensive colognes parting before me. And then, there, Raymond’s crumpled form on the hardwood floor of the foyer, like a sleeve torn from a jacket, the stitches frayed and useless.


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“Do you have a job? Are you going back to school,” I asked, you know, because I’m hip like that.

Running Down The Drive-By Screamers

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All the wonderful Zen-like molecules had dispersed from my body and were now hiding deep in a dark corner. Rage boiled in my blood. My veins, in fact, couldn't contain the boiling blood and they exploded, making my whole face and skin turn blood red. My

Never Catch Me Alive

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We walk with our heads down, maybe 15 of us, moving under a sun that has grown to encompass everything. Everything is in hues of orange and red like a bloody eyeball on fire.

The Jade Rabbit, Chapter One

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Even when the sun is gone and things get dark, usually the moon comes to reflect some light of hope until a new dawn can emerge

The Zombie Dash

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I looked around at the others who would be eaten in my place. Runners around me with so many different body types. Imagine if someone really wanted to feed off their flesh right about now? It almost made me drool. Sports bras left exposed flesh and limb

Hellhound On My Trail

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I need a place to stay the night, cheap and off the beaten path. It's pitch dark and foggy, street signs impossible to read. I drive around in circles for a while and pull onto a frontage road parallel to the main highway. This leads to a ramshackle area that's mixed…

Long Gone & Never Coming Back

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twisting, winding, rumbling we roll on through steep wooded hillsides blanketed by two feet of freshly fallen snow glimpses of the countryside through rain spattered windows grainy images from a silent movie slender trees reflected off the…


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Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and A Nice Hot Bath: What I Learned From Magazines This Week

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Actress Rita Moreno wakes up humming.People (5/1/17)Riding a roller coaster with your partner makes you more attractive to each other. People (5/1/17)The image on the commemorative stamp the Central African Republic recently issued to honor film legend Marilyn Monroe…