The Vivid Dream

by Jerry Ratch


I had a terribly vivid dream

where a big leaf was talking to a baby,

and the Mouseketeers had grown fat,


and my lover was passing the healing comb

through the hair of my soul during the night

as she retouched my youth,


so I could rejoin the hierarchy

where we sit on the steps of life

and continue to dream for real.


I had a terribly vivid dream,

and oh, the signs I saw —

No Smoking, No Bathing, No Panhandling.


No Drinking Alcoholic Beverages.

Violators Subject to Arrest.

No Littering or Creating Unsanitary Conditions.


Definitely No Bathing in the Toilets or Sinks,

Especially the Sinks.

Maybe the Toilets Is Okay, Once in a Blue Moon.


I had a dream,

a vivid dream, it was,

a terribly vivid dream,


and suddenly I was wide awake bug-eyed at 4 a.m.

and the mind was spinning donuts

at all the intellectual intersections.