March Madness

by Larry Strattner

“I'll be damned,” he said. “I never knew where that was.”


“Oh My God,” she said.


“Now that I know where that is, why don't we get married?”


“Oh, My God.”


“We could buy a little house. Maybe have a kid. Get a dog. You know.”


“My God.”


“It'd be nice.”




“Man!” He raised his active hand to scratch his cheek and her back flattened out. “Does this shit always go on for such a long time for you?”


“Blvvft. I. Whew. Gimme a minute here…my god. Gimme a minute.”


“Sure. I gotta go out and wax the car. Relax. See you in a few. We can take a shower. There's a game on at two.”