Dennis Hiatt

Location Seattle
Occupation Anesthesia tech
Website http://

About Me

I write screenplays and work in trauma surgery.

Why do you write?

I write screenplays and then rewrite them. I work very hard at that. Short stories are just for fun. I write them in one or two setting and don’t work on them after that.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Heather Fowler

Dennis Hiatt's Wall

Sadie Beaudett – Apr 04, 2011

I'm proud to call you my grandfather, Dennis. :)
You have amazing work, like always.

shelby hiatt – Jul 26, 2010

Thanks for the read, Dennis. and the kind words. i'd be glad to send a PDF of the novel. i need readers. got a couple of teenagers reading it now but writers are the best help. what's your email so i can send the PDF addtached.

Sophia Lasair – May 22, 2009

Thank for my story, Need's from the Forest. I may be prejudiced I still feel it's one of your best.

Love you.

Larry Strattner – Apr 14, 2009

Exactly. That's why I saw a novel - although I didn't want to be
presumptuous. My daughter is an ER/OR RN and I think the profession is
so cool. I faint at the sight of blood. Police procedurals are all
over TV. None of them are as good as Michael Connelly. If I can ever
remember the name of the great 20 year old hospital novel I read last year
I'll forward it to you. it was still good. Cheers.

Larry Strattner – Apr 14, 2009

Read this after I read the Dragon. Were I you I'd be wrapping up a couple of peak hour ER weeks into a novel. I haven't read a really good medical procedural novel for a long time and it sounds like you've got one in you. Then you can adapt it for the screen.

Gary Percesepe – Mar 14, 2009

hey dennis,

that is the single best holy fuck profile i've ever read.


thanks for what you do, man--and for sharing it.


David Erlewine – Mar 09, 2009

Damn, Dennis, your job is even more intense than I'd expect. Wow.

Richard Cooper – Mar 09, 2009

Hi Dennis, some great, happy little stories here! Ha, well, keep posting them for us!

Heather Fowler – Mar 06, 2009

P.S. You psychically knew I would say that, huh? No sooner did I post a comment on this page than a lovely story had appeared. It's all very fairy tale, isn't it? xooxxo!

Heather Fowler – Mar 06, 2009

Dennis, my brother! :) Nice to see you here. Come on, post a little story--I know you've got them! Ha! Hope you're having a great week.

L, L, L, H

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