Fur licking City Cats

by Dennis Hiatt

Tail dragging heat wave. Mall rockin', night thumpin',
crotch bumpin' bored baby cats.  Tall steppin', long legged
sexy cat, twitching her tail to the City Club.
     Smoke, and light, starry nights, milk pail, hot tail,
full sail!  Howling, prowling, yowling Baby Dykes, stalkin'
chicks, throwin' fits, takin' hits!  A thousand thigh divin',
rosebud nipped, fur licking dancin' cats, (Claws in, claws
out! Yes!) sniffin' that cradle of love.
     Gigglin' quails, wicked tails, long nails, sexy wails!
Babe cats prancing and leaping, shakin' and bakin' in the
smoldering hot, sweat swirling, sin scented shadows.  (Claws
in, Claws out. Oh Baby, backfield in motion!)  Get down, turn
around, go to town, OH BABY, come see about me!
     Alley cats, baby fats, bony cats, kittens in red,
dancin' their hot tails all the way to bed. Full lips, cold
slips, neat hips, fast tips, hard nips! Sticky fingers,
tongue ringers, lipstick lips lapping that hot silk fur milk.
(Claws IN, claws OUT!  OH BABY, don't you EVER stop!)
     Be-boppin', table hoppin', shoe droppin', sleepy baby
cat, head on shoulder riding home in the dark. Baby, I love
you. (Claws in, claws out. Sigh.)