Do Not Spank the Truth

by Jerry Ratch

Do not spank the truth

Whatever else you do

You do not ever

Spank the truth


If you let the truth be spanked

You will be diminished

And it will never let you

Be finished, instead


When you are dead

You will dangle in the land

Between the living

And the dead, head down


In Ugly Town


Right next to Old Town

New Town and Uptown


So do not ever

Spank the truth

Nor speak of it

Getting the big Spank


Or you will be forced

To join the unknown

And putrid ranks

Of the dead-in-the-head


In the underground land of dread

Known all around

As the unreal, the surreal

And the Unfed


Where you will be forced to collect

And listen to Scandinavian crickets 

Or worse, become a bonafide member

Of the Abandoned Shoe Project 


And learn to let the derision and smell

Of trust-funders roll off your back 

Like a human pigeon who's busy

Avoiding footsteps in hell