Six Short Poems

by JM Prescott

I Miss You

Today you miss this sunrise
this conversation
this story.

I see a little you in me
you'd be proud
I believe.

I miss you today.


Sail On

Can't please everyone
Or sail in all directions

Sail on
Stay the course

Still the ill-pleased storms come
To suck the wind from my sails


Haiku I

Wind tell me no lies
Blow through me - and find my heart
I am never still.


Haiku II

Endless clouds of gray
Building a slow wall of mist,
Keeping me inside.


Inbetween Beliefs

I live inbetween beliefs

looking for faith
in the middle

to trust myself
in the middle

to live
the inbetween


Tomorrow Isn't Telling

Now scares me
Not growth to come
But growth left behind
Can I move forward
Without losing
Tomorrow knows
And isn't telling