A smile is worth 1000 teeth

by Matt Potter

This set here I wear to fundraisers or the opera. They're smart but slightly sparkly. I love the contrast the pale pink gums make with the pearly teeth.

This second set have a great presence, they make a bold statement at the football or the races. Wearing them at equestrian events, I'm right at home in the stables.

This next set have low-slung gums: unfortunately, my lips curl behind them. They're too big for my mouth. I bought them hoping I'd grow into them, alas.

This set took a while to wear in, but they're great for holidays. The teeth fold in on the gums, they're easy to pack, very comfortable, so wash-and-wear and work well in extreme humidity.

This set here: 50% off, never worn them, too cheap and nasty.

Now these here are wonderful for weekends, they're not ‘dress-to-impress' teeth, they just sit comfortably in my mouth, let me get on with gardening or preserving fruit or cleaning the carburretor or whatever.

And this set, they're my disco teeth. They look grey during the day so they're great for funerals. But they also flash in the dark so they're fun at parties.

These I'm wearing now were the first I bought, when my own were rotting stumps in my mouth. I was desperate for a social life but I couldn't go out because I was too embarrassed to smile. They're plain but serviceable, and changed my life. Which — believe me — is what good dentures can do for anybody.