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Smiles are for Suckers

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I walked her home. She lived eight blocks in the opposite direction of me, but it made her smile —I made her smile.

Inventing Games

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As children we invent games and we're really creative. We concoct ridiculous rules and enjoy making adaptations to them. And everything makes sense. Then you grow up, lose creativity. You don't invent games anymore. Recess is replaced with a second…

Patches & Seams

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"Take your needle, my child, and work at your pattern; it will come out a rose by and by. Life is like that… one stitch at a time taken patiently and the pattern will come out all right like the embroidery.” —Oliver Wendell Holmes

A smile is worth 1000 teeth

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I was desperate for a social life but I couldn’t go out because I was too embarrassed to smile.

Everything to do with you

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I don't know, I could go on all day with these little niches he found in every person that made them at least a little interesting. Everyone collects baseball cards.

Scene from the Clinic

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No way to know why she's here, but scars and scabs can hold more information than a file or chart.

The jogger

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Heavy breath, Spandex, Nike— pass me in your labors; You nod and smile; Perspiration— I almost feel your clammy hands; Your toes touch mine, hot and…

Seeing Me

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I got to see me the other day.

The Broken

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A precious heart unfolding the joy within Carefree play marked footsteps skipping along the way Such wonders untold awaiting a time of promise Stilled in the night by a grasping hand Held down in silence fear feeds off this soul Marking its to

Buddhas Don't Drive Hyundais

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We wish for Santa, we celebrate the birth of Christ, but no one would ever expect that the happy Buddha would come to celebrate Christmas Eve. Papa had been given this designated title for…

The Finding Smile

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My mother gave her all to convince him to be a politician. My sister begged on bleeding knees for him to give her head. I just needed somebody to help me find things.

Halfway Out The Door

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She asks if I only write about men, which I tell her is redundant. I also answer, “Yes, but sometimes I write about them as race cars, hyenas, vaginas, or God.” She smirks like she wants to smile, but it’s stuck halfway out her door. Her happiness has

Subsistence Culture

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Defy the impulse to grow beyond/ your means and the means of the/ place where you lie at night.

The Rune

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He reached for him, in a language the father would know.