The Broken

by Ilana Haley

the broken 

such a sweet smile set once upon tender lips 
A precious heart unfolding the joy within 
Carefree play marked footsteps skipping along the way 
Such wonders untold awaiting a time of promise 
Stilled in the night by a grasping hand 
Held down in silence fear feeds off this soul 
Marking its toll with erratic screams... 
Hollowed hours round into years of tormented pain 
Shattered again lost in the mundane and profane 
Only scattered remains left to lead us all home 
Why deal with the broken let them take rest 
Show me your willing together we'll find the way 
No longer do we need to trod aimlessly in reason 
The course has been set by innocence reborn 
Such a sweet smile sits upon tender lips