First there was an eruption

by Neil McCarthy

First there was an eruption. Which is where it all began.

Spewing ash clouds miles up and miles wide.

It made the non-believers stroke their chins somewhat.

Richard Quest-Means-Business was suddenly a volcanologist.

On the south coast of Ireland they called it a holy show.

Stranded air passengers used the Lord's name every other minute.

Satellite animations had never had such tasks to perform.

Some began to fear the Mayans may have been right.

Others called it claptrap as they were sailed into Pembroke.

Truth be told, we didn't know what to make of it all.

Thought that if we were lucky we'd get a month out of it.

But then these things never last, never did, never will.

Next thing you know plates were moving off the coast of Japan.

Waves the size of Wal-mart slammed into its paper towns.

The world watched on from the safety of CNN and sighed.

Someone's honeymoon on Hawai'i was like a total shitstorm.

Jackie Chan was soon on the case, pledging his support.

We all watched stiffly until it wasn't covered by the news.

No one lost any sleep over radiation or displaced communities.

The world was busy squinting at Egypt and the Arab Spring.

We congregated around Nespesso machines and muttered.

Gadaffi was on the screen under an umbrella vowing resistance.

He lasted two more months before being dragged behind a truck.

The non-believers were still stroking their chins at this point.

Three years on, we still don't know what to make of it all.

Sure these things never last, never did, never will.