by Kitty Boots

My friends, Annie and Carly live in a cute little bungalow. It's cluttered, but clean, and they are trying really hard to be a couple. They collect cats. Not just any cats. Their cats are timid Abyssinian cats who have been abandoned because of psychological problems. Being in therapy themselves, Annie and Carly feel best-qualified to care for and rehabilitate these creatures. In the kitchen, Carly points at the cardboard boxes placed above the cabinets, in the space between the ceiling. "They're arboreal, you know," she says. She hand feeds them because they  cannot seem to feed themselves. 

Chuck and Linda collect Japanese woodblock prints. They are all over the house and it's a fabulous house filled with glass-front bookcases, artifacts and lovely stone-bordered gardens spilling over walkways. I like using their bathroom because when you sit on the toilet you are looking directly at a 200 year-old woodblock print.