From the discovery of fire to a crypt slash restaurant

by Samuel Derrick Rosen

The agile presence of the limpid moon
Resonates, suspends
In simulated judgement
As we battle furiously
Discovering fire
And how to

Exploit each impossible
Unparalleled flame
Usher rapidly in vain
To our barely deep
Immutable graves.

Ages later, in a crypt slash restaurant,
below a neon sign that reads "please god,
make tomorrow better", nibbling roast beef
sandwich doctrines, sipping religious
schooners of imported beer,
seated tightly at the white Formica tables
impeccably dressed couples pray
to copper candelabras and their exquisitely
miniscule flames

In the centre of the crumb ridden semi-masonic floor
independent mothers scramble
decidedly for a fragment, benevolent boys,
unflappable girls are married
to the most devout, the most immaculate
distraction.  Warm-faced, streetwise,
interplanetary goblins, fuel a hunger for the
ever so slightly least
po-lytic-ally correct.  Marble-eyed and
slender bouncers grow increasingly
nearer to hostile and the ambience turns,
imperceptible to the most inhuman eye,
in on itself, and for itself.